Unparalleled surface quality

The perfect surface refinement of Ciiler realizes the design of the bathroom

Provide interior designers with a variety of color choices

The roller surface provides excellent tolerance, durability and scratch resistance, while setting new standards in color depth and flicker gloss. The modern PVD (physical vapor deposition) cavity produced by Ciiler is hand-made by experts. Whether it's wire drawing or absolutely no time to polish, it provides excellent touch for all kinds of luxury bathrooms. After in-depth research and development, Ciiler is committed to providing the ultimate personalized options.

From exclusive to unique

Rich surface selection

For orders of less than 30 pieces, you can choose to use the following 10 exclusive cirler surface Yasheng faucets, shower rooms and accessories: wiredrawing brass, polished gold appearance, wiredrawing gold appearance, wiredrawing bronze, polished rose gold, wiredrawing rose gold, wiredrawing nickel, stainless steel appearance, polished black chrome and wiredrawing black chrome. For more than 30 pieces, five other surfaces are available: wire drawing chrome plating, polished chrome plating, polished nickel plating, polished copper and polished brass. Other special surfaces (e.g. pure gold) can be consulted by Ciiler in unlimited quantity.